This focused and effective professional growth package includes:


Hi, I’m Dave Krueger.
I’ve created this series of five recorded seminars with detailed outlines to bring some ideas and strategies into focus that I think can be of significant benefit to your life and business.

These presentations introduce key concepts in 5 vital areas of personal and professional success. Each of the 5 seminars is an introduction to a larger work I offer in which I integrate the most current research in neuropsychology and the neurosciences with strategic coaching applied to money, wellness, mind, brain, behavior, and mastering states of mind.

Additionally, after listening to so many of the professionals I trained and with whom I do Mentor Coaching, who have significant expertise, skills, and credentials, but not enough clients or patients, I added an overview on the Psychology of Influence, the Neuroscience of Persuasion, and Neuromarketing.

Each of these seminars leads to brain-based strategies of emotional and social intelligence to offer powerful ways to help you understand your stories – money, wellness, mindset, transition, persuasion – and begin to guide you in ways to craft more powerful stories.

This initial NeuroMentor series extends what you already know of the MentorPath® brand: how to successfully make mind, brain, and behavior changes that last.

The best way for you to go through these seminars would be to consider each of the 5 as a way to recognize, own, and assess each of your specific stories, such as money or wellness. Each begins a journey to decide what you need to address, and initiates ROADMAP for that plan.

  • Implement psychology and neuroscience research to change belief, behavior and performance
  • Break through your Glass Ceiling to achieve greater purpose, passion, and profits
  • Master states of mind to regulate optimum success
  • Demystify and defuse obstacles to sustain success
  • Acquire mind and brain tools to enhance self-awareness, mindfulness, and enhanced performance
  • Learn the choice architecture to create new money, leadership, and wellness stories